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Junior Hockey (Mini-hockey) - Activities


If you choose to take part in our Junior Hockey Scheme, there are some things you and your parents need to be aware of and give permission to and some information we need to collect about you. The following information and forms can be downloaded here:-


Paul Speed (Junior Organiser & Coach)
Tel. (M)07879412746

What's Junior hockey ?

It is a scheme to introduce the team sport of "field" hockey to youngsters , normally between the ages of 5 and 15 (school years 1 - 9). It includes both sexes and on an equal basis.

In Chesterfield ?

Yes, run by Chesterfield Hockey Club, the long established (founded 1899) Men's Hockey Club for Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire. It is run at the St Mary's School on the superb artificial turf pitch - the perfect surface for hockey.

Is there instruction ?

Yes, some of the members of the Club take it in turns to offer coaching and support for all sessions. Coaching is organised by Paul Speed with the able assistance of several experienced adults.

Is there competition ?

Yes. Our normal coaching sessions constitute roughly half skills development and the remaining half, games. Periodically, we arrange proper matches at Under-10, Under-12 and Under 14 levels against other clubs and schools. We also participate in the National junior hockey championships.

We will continue with Under 10 and Under 12 and Under 14 tournaments throughout the season and these will be held on Sunday mornings.

Expensive ?

No. The Club charges a £50 per season for 1 session a week; £75 for 2 sessions. It provides balls, protective goalkeeping equipment, bibs, cones, etc. It even has a few sticks for beginners. All you'll need, if you decide to continue, is a junior stick (roughly £20) and a good pair of trainers. When we participate in matches, club shirts are provided.

Try it ?

Come along to one of our Wednesday evening sessions, 6 pm to 7 pm, at St. Mary's, and give it a try. Bring Mum or Dad and introduce yourself to one of our Coaches - they'll soon put a stick in your hand and get you started. And there is limited sheltered seating if Mum or Dad would like to stay and watch. We play from September through to March.

There is additional Sunday training / Matches - 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. . Dates to be published in due course on this website.

What comes after Junior hockey ?

If you're a boy, then our Club will welcome you into the "adult" ranks as soon as you're physically able to cope with the games. We run our occasional Badgers team comprising four or five adults, a couple of whom have been or are active junior hockey coaches, with the rest being Under-16's. We provide for a few of the less experienced youngsters to play in this team as a way of introducing youngsters into the adult game. We have even had very skilful thirteen / fourteen year olds in the teams who can more than hold their own ! Girls will normally go on to play for Staveley Ladies.

From the Badgers team, your progress is unlimited - through to our Club 1st XI - depending on your skill.

And, of course, there's also County Schoolboys' hockey. We provide many of the Derbyshire teams at all age levels and over the last few years several of those have played for the Midlands and even for each of England and Wales.