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News from Chesterfield Hockey Club

Yvonne's Paradise Kitchen

On 31st August, Yvonne, partner of Tony Bointon, commences her new venture, delivering authentic cuisine meals, initially within the S40 area.
Download Yvonne's Paradise Kitchen menu here.

Annual Golf Day 29th July 2017

at the Chesterfield Golf Club, Walton

40 took part in excellent conditions on a wonderful course. Results t.b.a.:
Winner -
Runner-up -
3rd -
Nearest Pin -
Longest Drive -
2s -

Rule Change 26 Feb

The changed rules with effect from Friday 26th February are as follows:
• 13.2.c: when a free hit is awarded to the attack within the 23 metres area, all players other than the player taking the free hit must be at least 5 metres from the ball, except as specifically indicated below for attacking free hits awarded within 5 metres of the circle.
• 13.2.f: from a free hit awarded to the attack within the 23 metres area, the ball must not be played into the circle until it has travelled at least 5 metres or has been touched by a player of the defending team.
Further details and explanations can be found on the FIH website

"This rule change has been introduced to avoid unfair and potentially dangerous play for all attacking free hits within the 23m area. Umpires should note that:
1. The management of the set piece has not changed essentially. All players must still be at least 5m away from the free hit, except for the player taking it. Defenders who were within 5m of the place where the foul occurred may still stay within 5m, provided that they are within the circle and do not interfere with play before the ball has travelled 5m, or the stick of a player, other than the hit taker, has legitimately touched the ball.
2. However, please note that if there has been a stoppage in time between the awarding of the free hit and the re-start in play, then all players, including defenders in the circle, must be at least 5m away.
3. Also, the practice of a player taking a free hit by touching the ball for a team mate who was 5m away to run onto and then drive into the circle is now a foul. If this occurs, a free hit to the defence should be awarded."


Midlands Men's League - New rule for season 2015/16
Please note that within the Men’s League Rules for 2015/16 there is a new Rule 6.3 which states; "The umpires shall, prior to the start of the match, designate one side of the pitch (or one area) as the team bench/technical area and shall inform the team captains. Only players and team management named on the team sheet shall be permitted to use the bench/technical area. Spectators shall be outside of the playing and technical areas as may be designated by the umpires." The purpose of this rule is to ensure segregation between the teams and officials and spectators, primarily to prevent crowds congregating round the team bench enabling easier identification of members of a particular team. We would strongly advise that you bring this to the attention of the home team as soon as possible after your arrival the match venue so that the Captain can deal with any potential problems as early as possible.
Please note that this rule applies where spectators are within the confines of the pitch but where there is no designated viewing area(s). If the viewing area is behind the bench/technical area but is separated by a fence, then spectators may be on the same side as the benches so long as they (the spectators) remain behind the fence.

We have decided the best solution at present is to designate an area on the opposite side of the pitch to the team dugouts. So when you come and support the guys please can you do so from this area. Thank you!

New 1st XI Coach and Captain

1st Team Manager and Captain

Full report.....

Following the annual general meeting on the 13th April Chesterfield Hockey Club have appointed Ben Lamb as the new Men’s 1st XI Coach for the forthcoming season. After returning to the club as a player 3 years ago, Lamb takes over coaching duties from John Nash, who will now be able to focus solely on youth development along with the new Junior Hockey Co-ordinator Paul Speed. Nash said: “I’m delighted to be passing the reigns over to Ben. The first team is in good hands and I can now concentrate on developing some of the promising young players we have at the club along with Paul”

Lamb returns to coaching after a two year absence and is excited about the challenges ahead. “It is great to be back coaching the game I love and at a club I have strong ties with” commented Lamb. “The guys at Chesterfield are a good bunch of lads and I’m hoping I can improve the fortunes on the field with a new approach”. Lamb will be hoping this change of direction can push the club forward. Last season saw Chesterfield relegated from Midlands 1 but Lamb is optimistic about the future. “I need the guys to embrace change and be willing to buy into a new philosophy”. “Although we were relegated, we were competitive in almost all the matches. If we can add a little more quality to our play, then we’ll bounce back”. Lamb will be hoping the experience that he gained whilst coaching at Belper will assist him in his new role. “I had a great time at Belper, it’s a great club. I was lucky enough to coach in the national league for a number of seasons and work with Craig Keegan whilst Belper were in the Premier Division”. “My experiences gained at Belper will be invaluable as I restart coaching again” added Lamb.

Another new, but familiar, face to the 1st XI set up will be new 1st XI Captain Christian Battye. Having started at the club as a youngster Battye has held numerous roles within the club and will now take over from Adam Bointon, who steps down after several years at the helm.

Pre-season training starts for the 1st XI squad on the 1st July, with warm up games organised during the lead up to what should be an exciting league campaign.Battye said: “I’m excited about what this club can achieve. We have some really talented players in the squad that are capable of playing at a higher level if we are willing to put the work in”.

Jonno Hodgson in Tazmania

The Big Interview – Our Man In Tasmania

After a season playing with Tassie stars Ben Read and James Dick in an unbeaten Chesterfield side, Jonno Hodgson found the lure of playing and travelling overseas too much to resist and set off down under in October last year. We caught up with Jonno last week and he only has good things to say about his experiences so far…

CHC: How are you finding living away from home and is there anything in particular you are missing?

JH: Living away from home has been a lot of fun. I’m obviously missing the people and my mum’s cooking but it's a really cool place to be so that has helped a lot.

CHC: What first appealed to you about playing overseas?

JH: I guess the idea playing in Tas was so appealing both for the hockey and for the opportunity to live here for a year! Having a few really good mates here over already also made it more of an exciting prospect.

CHC: What do you think English hockey can or should learn from the 'Australian way' of playing the game?

JH: English hockey could learn a fair bit from hockey in Tasmania. The biggest thing I noticed was how big of a deal the hockey is here! Knock on effects of this include people training harder and this in turn creates competition for places. This competitive atmosphere would be great for English hockey and CHC in particular! The styles of hockey differ here too, with the game being much more open and attacking.

CHC: What has been your highlight of the season so far?

JH: Highlight so for would be playing under the lights on a Friday night and beating the Diamondbacks!

CHC: If you had any advice for someone that wanted to travel in Australia and play hockey over there what would it be?

JH: Anyone that wants to do should 100% do it. It's an amazing experience!

CHC: How does the social life compare to Chesterfield? Which do you prefer?

JH: The social life is difficult to compare however both have different pros. It's hard to beat a big one in the Brit tho?

CHC: Finally - do you have a message for the lads back home?

JH: Get started for next season early! It does make a difference.

Hog Roast & Draw 27th August 2017

Once again,courtesy of Simon Davidson, it was at his house on Hady Lane. A grand day, weather excellent, food equally so, Lots to drink at excellent prices.... what more could you ask for. Nick's slideshow is here: (don't forget to change Youtube "settings" to show in highest definition (1080p)) :

Draw Results:

Mini Break to Paris - Boyland
Dinner and B&B at Monsal Head Hotel - S Knight
Spa Bliss Day for 2 - Paul Speed
Sunday Carvery for 2 - D Hodson
4 hours free driving lessons - Gareth Hunter
£100 voucher for KOO Bistro - Sarah Nelis
Sunday Lunch for 2 at Riverside House - Paul Speed
£15 Voucher Yvonne's kitchen - Adelle Pears

Thanks to everyone who supported both the Hog Roast Day and the Hog Roast Draw. Significant amounts of money were raised to help our Club's activities. This is of particular importance especially when we have anticipated equipment costs (for example, new goals).

Hog Roast 28th August 2016

Don't forget to change Youtube "settings" to show in highest definition (1080p) :

Goalscorers 2015/6 - 1st XI

Name F PC PS Total
Adam Bointon 9 5   14
Chris Cowley 9  
Tasos Varsamidis 6 1   7
Jon Moores   7   7
Ben Lamb 5 1 1 7
Billy Foulfias 2 1 3 6
Christian Battye 5  
Joe Green 3     3
Pat Grant 2     2
Andy Hodgson   2   2
Jamie Franklin 1  
Josh Brocklehurst 1     1

2016 Presentation Evening

  • 2016 Presentation Evening 1

    2016 Presentation Evening 1

  • 2016 Presentation Evening 2

    2016 Presentation Evening 2

  • 2016 Presentation Evening 3

    2016 Presentation Evening 3

  • 2016 Presentation Evening 4

    2016 Presentation Evening 4

  • 2016 Presentation Evening 5

    2016 Presentation Evening 5

  • 2016 Presentation Evening 6

    2016 Presentation Evening 6

  • 2016 Presentation Evening 7

    2016 Presentation Evening 7

  • 2016 Presentation Evening 8

    2016 Presentation Evening 8

  • 2016 Presentation Evening 9

    2016 Presentation Evening 9

  • 2016 Presentation Evening 10

    2016 Presentation Evening 10

Detailed report below

Nick Kennerley - International

Congratulations to Nick Kennerley who, in late October, 2015, won his cap for England in an International Grand Masters (Over 60s)Hockey Tournament in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Nick Kennerley International 1

    Nick Kennerley International 1

  • Nick Kennerley International 02

    Nick Kennerley International 2

  • Nick Kennerley International 03

    Nick Kennerley International 3

  • Nick Kennerley International 04

    Nick Kennerley International 4

  • Nick Kennerley International 05

    Nick Kennerley International 5

Detailed report below

2014/5 Season Presentation Dinner


The awards were as follows -

Young player of the year - Tom Curley

Player of the year - Billy (the Greek) Fouflias

Clubman of the year - Paul Speed

Top Goalscorer - Robbie Anderson

Veteran player of the year - Nick Kennerley

Don't forget to change Youtube "settings" to show in highest definition (1080p) :

Pre-2014/5 season Social etc. Activities

Sunday 24th August Family Hog Roast

Hog roast photos - click on 1st photo to start slide show

Saturday 30th August Annual Golf Competition

18 members and friends enjoyed a fine afternoon at Chesterfield Golf Club. Winner was Bob Battye with a Stableford score of 36; runner-up Adam Bointon with 34 and third, Bill Wheeler with 32 points. Longest Drive (a monster) from Adam Bointon, Nearest the Pin, Stef McCran.

Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th September 2015

This is the is the National Club weekend to encourage the take-up of Hockey. It is also the weekend we've chosen to mark the opening of our "new" pitch at St. Mary's. There will be lots of activities, probably from around 10 am through 4 p.m. on Saturday 6th and from 10:45 to 12 noon on Sunday at the pitch, including matches and mini-hockey, plus the opportunity for potential members to meet us, to try hockey. Lots of volunteers will be needed so please reserve this date in your diaries now. Slideshow here.

Derwent Badgers:

Derwent Badgers

Our Badgers:

Chesterfield Badgers vs Derwent

Chapeltown and 1st Team:

1st XI vs Chapeltown

Current and Past Members:

Current and Past Members

Nick Kennerley's International Appearances - Competition Report

English veterans clinch Asia hockey title

Raja Datuk Eleena giving away the champions trophy to England captain and two-goal hero Smith. Looking on are the English players, Syed Anuar (third from right) and Mustafa (extreme left) in the photos above
Malaysia won the battle but lost the war in the recent 3rd Grand Masters Hockey Asia Cup tournament and 29th Pacific Rim Sultan Ahmad Shah Cup held at the Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association (KLHA) Hockey Stadium from Oct 26-Nov 1.
The national team led by captain and ex-international Datuk Poon Fook Loke repeated its Asia Cup victory in Singapore in 2011 by topping Group One, finishing ahead of runners-up South Korea, defending champions Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.
England thrived in Group Two consisting of Pacific Rim teams Southern Cross A, Southern Cross B, Scotland, Alliance and Egypt.
In the final against Malaysia, the English side showed skill and control enroute to winning the match 3-0. The visitors enjoyed long periods of possession.
(One of the other photos shows the Malaysia and England veterans in action in the final of the 29th Pacific Rim Sultan Ahmad Shah Cup.) England captain Tim Smith was clearly a thorn in the Malaysian side, darting in and out and eventually slotting home the opening goal just before the first quarter-break (quarter-breaks are given after 17.5 minutes).
Smith continued to harass the home team, scoring the second goal in the second quarter. The Malaysians had several close calls, including short corners but could not convert.
During the half-time break, coach James Murthy was seen instructing the players to stay tighter in formation and plug the gaps which the English were clearly exploiting.
Because it was tough to break the passing game of the English he advised the players to go for short corners.
In the later stages as rain fell it was clear the English were the fitter side moving cohesively despite the wet conditions.
(One of the other photos shows the Malaysian veterans defending a penalty corner during the final against their English counterparts.) Gordon Gray made it 3-0, a scoreline that spelled the domination that they exercised throughout the match. In the third and fourth placing match earlier, defending Grand Masters Hockey Asia Cup champions Japan were beaten 1-0 by Scotland.
“This English side has been playing all year round, that’s why you can notice their fitness,”commented Tan Sri Mustafa Mansur, President of the Sultan Ahmad Shah Veterans Hockey Association.
“They were the better team. Malaysia were prepared better this time and performed better than the last two years,” he added.
Malaysia were third in 2013 in the biennial affair. The country was given the nod to host both Masters tournaments which is sanctioned by the International Hockey Federation (IHF) and the World Grand Masters Association (WGMA).
The next Grand Masters Asia Cup will be staged in Japan in 2017 and Malaysia intends to make its presence felt.
“We will have to start finding sponsors for the players. In the past players have self-sponsored their own airfare and lodging. But we must ensure our presence as we have attended all (three) of the tournaments,” he said.
The prizes were given away by Raja Datuk Seri Eleena Sultan Azlan Shah accompanied by Tan Sri Mustafa Mansur and AmBank Group Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing Syed Anuar Syed Ali, who were the main sponsor of the tournament.